Easy Ordering

Ordering, changes and removal of signs is simple and hassle free, there is no need to work through a maze of a web based ordering system. All you need to do is email us the details, photos and installation details to and we will take care of the rest.

The Process

Once we receive the property details we will complete and forward a draft layout for approval to ensure it is exactly what you are after.

If approval is received by 2pm we will install the following day including Saturdays.  Once installed, we will confirm via email or telephone.

Removal of the sign is just as easy, either send us an email or SMS and we will remove within 24 to 48hrs.

Hire Term & Collections

THERE IS NO HIRE TERM! The sign will remain on site until the property sale is complete or the sign is no longer required. If after 3 months we have not collected the sign we will touch base with you to get an update on the status. All we ask of our customers is that we are contacted as soon as the sign is no longer required. Just email or SMS us and we will organize for the sign to be removed from site.

Re-Positioning or Moving Signs

Should a sign require re-positioning or moving (particularly on building sites) we ask that we be contacted to do so. Our signs are installed in such a way to protect them from being stolen, trying to move them in the in-correct manner will damage them. Again, just contact us and we will endeavour to get to the site as soon as possible. We DO NOT charge for this service.

Damaged Signs & Repair

We take full responsibility for our signs. If a sign happens to get damaged, vandalised or stolen we will repair or replace it as soon as we are notified at no cost to you. If the sign is damaged, vandalised or stolen a 2nd time, there is clearly an ongoing problem in this area. For this reason , we will not repair or replace the sign again. If you do require another sign the standard charges apply. 


All of our signs are manufactured in PVC with the prints laminated so they are completely graffiti proof. We will remove graffiti as soon as we are notified. We DO NOT charge to remove graffiti.

General Service

Should we happen to see one of our signs in disrepair, vandalised or in any way untidy we will rectify regardless of whether we have been contacted or not.


Our installation team takes great care to ensure that the signs are installed away from underground services; our signs also have no sharp edges and are well secured. To date we have not required it, however all of our signs and the company are protected by public liability insurance for peace of mind.