1800 x 1220mm CURVED SIGN



1800 x 1220mm curved sign Portrait or Landscape.

Graphics and layout designed to suit your needs.

With or without photos.

Includes design, installation and removal.


$169.40 incl GST - Zone 1

$180.40 incl GST - Zone 2

$191.40 incl GST - Zone 3

$222.40 incl GST - Zone 4


Relocation charges


$36.30 incl GST - Zone 1

$47.30 incl GST - Zone 2

$56.30 incl GST - Zone 3

$86.30 incl GST - Zone 4



Note: Multiple use (Agents) signs are charged for the first time only.  Each time these signs are re-used only the relocation charge applies. Upon removal, Under contract/Sold stickers are removed and sign is cleaned ready for next property.

Signs that are not in use are stored on our premises.